It may be one of the most debatable subjects in modern history – Is David Beckham a sportsman or pop-star? (You can already hear millions of his ardent fans screaming “all of the above”). This would not be for the only fact that Becks is considered to be the most handsome man alive or because he can bend the ball like no other footballer or for his pop-star husband status. There are more layers to the David Robert Joseph Beckham portfolio than one could probably imagine.

David Beckham – the full package

Well he may not really be the best footballer on earth, but this big package of five feet eleven inches is all – charismatic, photogenic and polarizing. So what if he is a braggart and egotistic, he is the object of envy and admiration for all. Unquestionably he is an object of desire for both women and men!! Now don’t get me wrong – with that kind of chiseled features and handsome hunk of a body, it is difficult for even straight men not to cast a second look. Although he has never really starred in a film as a super-star, he is still considered a Hollywood royalty or why else would he figure in the “Welcome to America” bash heady guest list.

It is not only his professional life that has been on the high, his personal life has ensured that his celebrity status has catapulted him into the stratosphere. His most generous act of that has been as a savior to Spice Girl Posh from being spiraled into anonymity through their marriage (and a small family of three kids).

David Beckham as a sportsman

Beckham is arguably the world’s most famous athlete who can score goals defying most laws of physics and put most goalies to shame. He has played as a midfielder for his home country England as well as club teams Real Madrid and Manchester United. Presently he is the midfielder for L.A. Galaxy team, a contract bagged at a price of $6.5 million. He has scored 117 goals since his international career began as a 17-year old in 1992.

His career as sportsman has had its ups and downs and time and again we saw him reinventing himself and stunning the soccer fans with unparalleled entertainment. Beckham started his full-fledged football career in 1992 with Manchester United winning the FA Youth Cup and though he could not play in the 2010 FIFA Cup in South Africa due to an injury, he has shown no intentions of retiring from football in the near future. His recent win of the Teen Choice Awards 2010, a hat-trick achievement of the “Best Male Athlete” only confirms his long-standing popularity. In fact his injury has led him to take on a new role – that of “Homework Duty”. He is playing the perfect father for his three sons as he nurses his Achilles tendon at home, and one tabloid put his wife saying “He’s hobbling around the house, poor thing.”

His pop star image

He may not have crooned numbers like his singer wife Victoria “Posh” Beckham, but David is no less a pop star. With his name being instantly recognizable akin to multinationals like IBM and Coca-Cola, David Beckham is a fashion plate dishing out ad revenues for major designer brands, fashion magazines, health and fitness specialists, spas and recreation companies and even hair stylists and perfume and cosmetic manufacturers.

Voted “the most gorgeous man on the planet” Beckham is known for his immaculate style sense and the unpretentious confidence he displays whether he is wearing sarongs or the Mohican hairstyles or even the sharpest formal suits.

Beckham has been a fashion style icon for most young men who desire to look hot and sexy like him. Be it his hairstyles or his casual chic look, even his tattoos are lapped up by youngsters in a hurry. His signature look of white shirts that is unbuttoned to his mid chest that makes him look so cool and confident can be seen sported by most men. It is quite common for celebrities to launch new fashion trends but with Beckham, he has always been a few steps ahead. Almost always in the limelight and constantly photographed by the media either alone or with Vic, not once has Beckham been caught off-guard or badly dressed. He has carried the sarongs with as much panache as the tux. His innumerable tattoos have regularly been the talk of town and helped pep up his pop star image. Now that he lives in their $22 million LA Mansion, as neighbors to Tom Cruise his full fledged entry into the Hollywood arena may soon be in the offing. Tabloids are rife with the lessons Tom Cruise is giving him on acting and even planning a cameo role in his next venture Mission Impossible 4. And with his kind of looks he is all loaded for launching an assault on Hollywood and if his fans words were to be believed (including that of Tom Cruise) he is all set to become a super star.

Constantly ranked amongst the “most” and “best” searches on Google, David Beckham is sure to go down as the most notoriously recognized and admired athlete ever.

noun osiągnięcie, zdobycie + of sth – czegoś (np. uznania) ; odniesienie + of sth – czegoś, np. zwycięstwa ; dokonanie + of sth – czegoś, np. wielkich czynów
adjective pokrewny + to sb/sth – komuś/czemuś
adjective błyszczący (np. oczy) ; gorejący (np. oczy) ; żarliwy (np. uczucie, pożądanie itp.) ; płonący (np. człowiek z gorączki)
adverb prawdopodobnie (przypuszczalnie) ; być może (przypuszczalnie) ; spornie (np. o przebiegu dyskusji) ; dyskusyjnie (np. o rozmowie)

I noun atak, napaść, napad (fizyczny lub werbalny) ;pobicie (kogoś w bójce) ; znieważenie + of sb/sth – kogoś/czegoś mil. szturm
assault and battery – prawn. naruszenie nietykalności osobistej
assault gun – mil. działo samobieżne

II adjective mil. szturmowy
assault troops – mil. szturmowcy, wojska szturmowe

III verb transitive atakować, napadać (fizycznie lub werbalnie) + sb/sth – kogoś/coś ;znieważać + sb/sth – kogoś/coś ;pobić + sb/sth – kogoś/coś ; mil. szturmować

adjective workowany ; w workach (np. towar)

I verb transitive uderzać, walić, bićmocno + sb/sth – kogoś/coś ; obijać + sb/sth – kogoś/coś

II verb intransitive walnąć + in sb/sth – w kogoś/coś

noun pot. samochwała, chwalipięta

I noun kamea (szlachetny lub półszlachetny kamień z wyrzeźbionym wizerunkiem głowy) ; geol. gemma (kamień półszlachetny) ; teatr. film. epizod, krótka rola (grane przez znanego aktora w filmie lub w teatrze telewizji) ; lit. krótki dramat
II adjective z wizerunkiem głowy (o kamieniu szlachetnym lub półszlachetnym, w którym wyrzeźbiono wizerunek głowy) ; lit. dotyczący krótkiego dramatu

(pt i pp od chisel) verb transitive rzeźbić, ryć
(pt i pp od croon) verb intransitive nucić, śpiewać po nosem
adjective dyskusyjny (np. zagadnienie), sporny (np. granica)

(gerund od defy) verb transitive przeciwstawiać się, opierać się + sb – komuś ; ignorować + sb – kogoś ; wyzywać, prowokować + sb – kogoś

adjective upierzony ; dojrzały
noun sport. hat trick

(gerund od hobble)

I verb intransitive utykać, kulać, kuśtykać

II verb transitive pętać (konia) ; z trudem posuwać się naprzód

noun duży kawałek (np. chleba) ; slang. mężczyzna atrakcyjny seksualnie
adjective niepokalany, nieskazitelny
(pt i pp od lap) verb transitive otulać, owijać + sth round with sth – coś czymś ; in sth – w coś ;tulić (do siebie) ; techn. mocować jedno na drugim (np. deski) ; sport. dublować (np. w biegu) ; techn. szlifować + sth – coś ; chłeptać, chlipać

noun widok publiczny ; światło wapienne

in the limelight w świetle reflektorów
noun sport. pomocnik (zawodnik w piłce nożnej)
adverb notorycznie (negatywne) (np. kłamać) ; jawnie (negatywne) (np. oszukiwać)

noun pełne morze, otwarte morze (które jest widoczne z wybrzeża) ; morski horyzont

in the offing spodziewany (o wydarzeniu)
adjective rozpowszechniony, powszechny (np. pogląd, opinia itp.) ; obfity (np. posiłek) ; mnogi, liczny (np. potomstwo itp.) ; częsty (np. przypadek, choroba itp.) ; obfitujący (np. zbiorowisko ludzkie w przypadki chorobowe)
a country rife with disease kraj, w którym szaleje choroba ; kraj, w którym rozpowszechniona jest choroba
to be rife with corruption być przeżartym korupcją
to be rife with rumors pot. huczeć od plotek
to grow rife wzmagać się, przybierać na sile
noun władza królewska ; pozycja króla/monarchy; królewskość ; członkowie rodziny królewskiej ; procentowe honorarium autorskie (np. za powieść, sztukę teatralną itp.)
(l. mn. od sarong) noun sarong (rodzaj spódnicy)
noun (AmE.) wybawca, wybawiciel (np. z opresji, kłopotów itp.) ; rel. Zbawiciel (o Jezusie Chrystusie)

noun anat. ścięgno

tendon of Achilles przen. (mitologia) pięta achillesowa
noun smoking
adjective bezpretensjonalny
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