Area 51

W dziale Area 51 znajdziecie czytanki dotyczące tego wszystkiego, co jest niezwykłe i tajemnicze – a więc zjawisk paranormalnych, niewyjaśnionych zdarzeń, tajemniczych zagadek i dziwnych ludzi. Pamiętaj – dział Area 51 przeznaczony jest jedynie dla ludzi o otwartych umysłach i mocnych nerwach!

Ikony Ameryki – Bezgłowy kurczak Mike

Poniższa opowieść jest tak niewiarygodna, że czytając ją, od razu pojawia się w głowie wielki pulsujący napis „bajka” Jednak tym razem niezwykła historia życia po życiu bezgłowego kurczaka Mike jest jak najbardziej prawdziwa.
Darek D.Komentarze:02011-12-27 16:00

Should We Be Afraid of Spontaneous Human Combustion?

I just read an article about SHC – Spontaneous Human Combustion – or the sudden ignition of a human body into a burst of flames with no apparent external source of spark, flame or fuel other than the victim's own clothing.
Steven Vega Poziom: B2 Komentarze:02011-12-09 16:00

Little ‘Demons’ and Their Relation with the Phenomena of Spontaneous Equipment Failure

When stuff just seems to fail at the worst possible time and there is no explanation for why it happened, who do you blame? Is it defective technology or maybe some supernatural forces?
Steven Malloney Poziom: C1 Komentarze:02011-11-11 16:00

The Favorite That is Ted Serios

With a name that sounds like “serious” it’s easy to see why someone would take Ted Serios for a serious guy. However, he was anything but serious—and it was proven when he produced Thoughtographs.
Steven Malloney Poziom: B2 Komentarze:02011-10-14 16:00

Amerykańskie monstrum atakuje

Pamiętacie przerażające potwory, ukryte we wnętrzu naszych szaf, czyhające na odpowiedni moment, by zaatakować we śnie? Jeśli wśród nich nie było chupacabry, to mocno trzymajcie się foteli, by przetrwać do końca tego artykułu.
Katarzyna RelugaKomentarze:02011-09-06 18:53

The Secrets of Piri Reis Map

There is one map out there that has sparked a lot of controversy both for what it shows, and for how accurate it is given the time in which it is said to have been created. Find out about the secrets of Piri Reis Map.
Steven Malloney Poziom: B2 Komentarze:02011-08-23 16:00

Was Atlantis Real? Or Just a Bedtime Story?

Atlantisan island where perhaps the most advanced civilization in the world lived. A land of flying machines, unknown power sources, and a world seemingly made of dreams and fantasies. Was it real or bedtime story?
Steven Malloney Poziom: B2 Komentarze:02011-02-09 15:45

Ghost Ship? Or Was the Mary Celeste Cursed with Bad Luck?

There is nothing better than a good ghost story - the ones that make the hairs on the back of your neck rise and your arms get covered in goose bumps. The kind of story where you could believe it to be true; to the point where you alter your very life so that you don’t fall victim to the same fate as the characters in the tale.
Steven Malloney Poziom: B2 Komentarze:02010-12-28 15:30

Area 51 – Are the Conspiracies True, or Are They Just Hiding the Real Truth?

There are as many conspiracy theories about the place as there are years that the Air Force Base has been operational. Everyone knows that the base is an aircraft research center but, did you know that the United States denied the existence of the whole base, including Area 51, for decades?
P.D. Poziom: B1 Komentarze:02010-11-23 10:07

Why is Nobody Able to Win James Randi's Competition?

The short answer to this article's burning question is because there's no such thing as the supernatural. Then what's the point of this article? Okay, let me elaborate.
P.D. Poziom: B2 Komentarze:02010-11-16 14:01
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