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W dziale Business znajdziecie czytanki dotyczące świata biznesmenów, interesów i pieniędzy. Przeczytacie tu o wielkich korporacjach oraz ich sukcesach i porażkach, a także poznacie małe firmy, które przerodziły się w wielkie koncerny. Razem z langloo.com poznacie zwycięzców: biznesmenów-wizjonerów osiągających szczyty oraz wielkich przegranych-bankrutów, których klęska na zawsze odcisnęła piętno na światowym biznesie.

And You Thought America's Economy Was Bad: The South Sea Bubble

By the beginning of the year 1720, stocks in the South Sea Trading Corporation had boomed to an astonishing one thousand British pounds per share. This rate, driven entirely by a population gone mad with the opportunity to earn money on other people's hard work, proved fatal to the economy.
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The Mississippi Company Scheme and How it Affected France

France was under hard times in the eighteenth century, thanks to the careless spending of its recently dead King, leaving the regent, the Duke of Orleans, to scramble and try to pick up the pieces. It was at this time that John Law came into the picture.
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The Coca-Cola Phenomenon

Have you ever thought about the phenomenon of Coca-Cola? Why is it loved by so many people, and why do they relish its taste instead of worrying about its harmful influence on their bodies?
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The Success Story of Tommy Hilfiger Company

Tommy Hilfiger’s clothes are meant to make people feel like they are living the American dream. They are comfortable and easily wearable, but it probably doesn’t make anyone feel like they made Hilfiger’s millions and it’s pretty safe to say they don’t let you share his American dream.
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Where it all began for Johnnie Walker

It was way back in 1825 when a then 20 year old John Walker owned a grocery shop. Apart from the common goods he also sold his own special blend of home brewed whisky. It was with this that the family would make their money and launch themselves into fame, making their place in history for all time.
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The most sly swindler - Frank W. Abagnale

Have you seen "Catch Me if You Can" and doubted the information that this movie could have been based on a true story? Well almost everything was rather close to the life history of Frank W. Abagnale.
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Mleko z Colą - pij na zdrowie!

Ta historia wydarzyła się naprawdę w małej nowozelandzkiej mieścinie. Zwykły rolnik, pragnąc przekonać swoją córkę o picia mleka stworzył dla niej specjalny napój - mleko z colą.

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Various Manipulations in Advertisements

It is the job of advertisement companies to create ads that will inspire consumers to purchase a product. To successfully do this, the advertisement company must be masters of manipulation.
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The Controversial Barcode in Ferrari Cars

The European Union has finally imposed the new law of banning tobacco industries in promoting their cigarette brands in cross-border cultural and sporting events, of which Formula 1 racing is a part of. There were significant advertising gaffs found during the Grand Prix of 2010 where the Marlboro barcode logo was everywhere in sight. The EU pronounced that Ferrari was displaying a cigarette advertisement in a subliminal manner.
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The Success Story of Nike Company

Nike was the goddess of victory in Greek mythology. So, it follows that Nike is a brand of sportswear and gear aimed at men, branded by them and largely represented by men.
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