Dział Cinema przeznaczony jest dla wszystkich miłośników filmu. To właśnie tutaj przeczytacie teksty zarówno o największych światowych gwiazdach, jak i małych gwiazdeczkach; poznacie wielkich reżyserów i tych mniej znanych, którzy dopiero starają się o zdobycie odpowiedniej pozycji w świecie filmu. U nas dowiecie się o wielkich kasowych produkcjach oraz o spektakularnych klapach, a także poznacie niezależne produkcje, które na zawsze zmieniły obraz światowego kina.

Why Is YouTube Star Philip DeFranco So Popular?

Philip DeFranco’s satirical humor can be belittling to some, obnoxious to others or just plain annoying but, otherwise, he seems to be a pretty nice guy. His primary objective is to get you through his day with humor...
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Stanley Tucci

He looks like a tough guy, doesn’t he? Well he’s usually given roles where he plays your stereotypical bad guy or psycho killer. In reality, the two time Golden Globe and Emmy winner is a very polite and engaging man.
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Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci worked hard at school and was seen as something of an academic. However, it cannot be denied that her distinctive appearance and larger-than-life personality have made her one of the most successful models and actresses in the world.
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The Funniest Mistakes in Movies

Sometimes, we let the most illogical, unbelievable things on the big screen slip past us when we're into a really good movie and glued to our seats. Some of these movie mistakes are so common, that some of us might not even realize that those sorts of things wouldn't ever happen in real life.
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Why Famous Film Directors Return to the Small Screen and the Little People

Well-accomplished movie directors like Stephen Spielberg and Jerry Bruckheimer have come to television screens everywhere and seem to be here to stay, or at least they seem to keep coming back.
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Jonathan Rhys Meyers – The Small Boy with The Good Looks

Jonathan Rhys Meyers assumes the role of a model and actor who won a Golden Globe for the believable and in depth portrayal of Elvis Presley and who portrayed one of the most controversial kings of all time, Henry VIII in The Tudors.
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Emily Blunt

Blunt really seems to enjoy playing the bitch. She followed this performance with one of her best known roles as Emily, the sarcastic assistant to Meryl Streep’s devil who gives Anne Hathaway a very rough time in The Devil Wears Prada.
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The Popularity of the Beverly Hills 90210 Zipcode and the 90210 TV series

The iconic drama Beverly Hills 90210 series was so popular and they just had to remake it, with the contemporary, edgy 90210 series. The show has been enjoyed by millions all over the world, but what is it that draws people in to watch the teen show?
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The Visionary Peter Jackson

What can be said about the man known as Peter Jackson? Visionary, cutting edge, ground breaking, movie genius etc. That list could surely go on and on and we would probably run out of adjectives to use to describe him.
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Movie Review of “The Social Network”

Have you been to see this movie since its release? It is based on the not so true exploits of CEO computer with Mark Zucherberg.You know the guy who in 2004 almost single-handedly created the #1 social network application online, Facebook.
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