W dziale Male znajdziecie teksty przeznaczone głównie dla mężczyzn w każdym wieku. Przeczytacie artykuły o wspaniałych samochodach i motorach, wielkich jachtach i piekielnie szybkich motorówkach. Z Langloo.com dowiecie się, jakie gadżety warto zakupić oraz jakie uprawiać sporty ekstremalne; przeczytacie, jak należy się ubierać i jaki zapach wybrać, aby być atrakcyjnym dla kobiet. Faceci – to dział dla Was – znajdziecie tu wszystko, co powinno interesować prawdziwego mężczyznę.

The real story of the DeLorean Motor Company

The story of DMC-12 begun when its founder left GM with a dream to build a car that would be ‘as safe as possible, reliable, comfortable, handle and perform well, be enormous fun to drive and unmistakably elegant in appearance’…
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Manga Figurines and the Men who Love Them

She stood there, her bright blue eyes glistening in the light as if seeing the world anew. Her long golden blonde hair framed her picturesque face perfectly, not a strand out of place
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Reasons Men Spend their Evenings in Pubs rather than at home with their wife or girlfriend

Most men are seen spending evenings in bars instead of at home with their other half. They’re getting mildly drunk, but hopefully sober enough to drive their car home. The following might be the reasons beer has become man’s best friend.
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Balconing, Balconing, Balconing….Gone?

If you’re looking for a very, very dangerous sport where you can practice your jumping, this sport is it. Get ready to take a jump off a sport desk and go whoosh right to your doom. This sport is not recommended under any circumstances.
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The Success Story of American Choppers

And American Choppers will be back for a seventh season! TLC’s announcement two months ago that the fiery father-son tandem of Big Paul and Paul Jr. will be returning sometime this August caused a general stir in cyberspace among both bike enthusiasts and fans of their dramatic confrontations alike. This is hardly surprising, considering the immense popularity the show had enjoyed for the past seven years that led to BMI Cable Awards in 2005 and 2006 and video game spin-offs entitled, unsurprisingly, American Chopper and American Chopper 2: Full Throttle.
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Why are there more men than women on a football stadium?

Almost every stadium that will hold an important game or just a local one, will be filled with a large crowd of women as well. That is because some of the women out there find this game very engaging and the fact that they will be able to watch some hot men running, sweating and spitting (yep, some women find that attractive) they will have a great chance of getting some downtown fluids running and lubricating the lower level.
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Why do men prefer blondes?

As a man, I must say that blonde girls are attractive, no doubt, and they most certainly have the full package that a man so desperately wants. But most men, when thinking about a blonde girl, think about a beautiful goddess that will be able to fulfil all of their fantasies. This is the general paradigm that men live with and it’s mainly because of the porn industry.
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