Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs assumes a dual role of actress and director. An American by birth, Holly Marie Combs dabbles herself in the American entertainment industry of film and television. One of the most famous series to reach the television screen is about three witches living in an everyday world known as Charmed.
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Steve Carrell – Funny Man with an Award to Prove It

Steve Carrell, the man who assumes various roles such as producer, comedian, director, writer, actor and all around funny guy. Starting his career on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Steve Carrell jumped the wagon to The Office, making a debut as the quirky boss who thinks he knows everything yet, he really doesn’t. Being a candidate of America’s Funniest Man via Life magazine and a winner of Best Actor in a TV Comedy Series Golden Globe Award, Steve Carrell has stamped the world with his powerfully funny humor.
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David Duchovny – The X Files on The Man

David Duchovny made headlines when he made a comment about why the X-Files production was moved from Vancouver to Los Angeles. Vancouver natives were angry with David Duchovny for making comments on the Conan O’Brien show about their weather. During X-Files, David Duchovny did appear many times in The Larry Sanders Show.
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Anne Hathaway

Every princess dreams of a prince. Anne Hathaway is one of Hollywood’s golden girls who seems only to be able to find her prince in the movies. Luckily, her movie career (and her fictional relationships) has fared much better than her love life.

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Hugh Laurie – The Man Who Is Dr House In Person

Hugh Laurie, the man who assumes various roles such as comedian, writer, actor and voice artist is from England. Hugh Laurie collaborated with his friend, Stephen Fry and rose to stardom being Laurie in Fry and Laurie. After making a name for himself, he had starred in two other shows before assuming a role which he currently is well known for in 2004, a sarcastic, annoying, and funny and true to life doctor with a limp, Dr Gregory House in the drama series, House.
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Lena Headey

If you are sitting there right now asking yourself who is Lena Headey, then you are probably not alone. Lena is mostly noted for her appearance in 300 with Gerard Butler and for her short-lived role as Sarah Connor in Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a primetime spin-off from James Cameron’s popular Terminator franchise.
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Jessica Biel

The role of actress and model seem so frequently to pair up. Jessica Biel is a perfect example of how someone can become known for both acting ability and strikingly good looks. She is thought to be Hollywood’s most heavily demanded actress and her work with television has brought her up to an unparalleled level of recognition.
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Paul Rudd

You may know his face, but you probably have no idea what his name is. He is the guy who is in all those funny movies, right? Yeah, you remember him. He was in Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Role Models; he is Paul Rudd – that is Rudd, not Rude. The two are spelled differently.
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Johnny Depp – the most versatile actor in Hollywood

John Depp, nowadays one of the most popular movie actors, was born on June 9, 1963 in a little town that few people probably know of, Owensboro, Kentucky. Even as a child Depp was sort of a strange person. In an interview he once admitted that he spend much of his childhood making odd noises for no reason.
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