Dział Music to miejsce, w którym znajdziecie czytanki związane z szeroko rozumianym światem muzyki rozrywkowej. Dowiecie się, jaka muzyka i jaki wykonawca jest obecnie na topie, przeczytacie o wspaniałych artystach, wielkich piosenkach oraz niezapomnianych koncertach i wydarzeniach muzycznych. Razem z poznacie nowe płyty i nowych wykonawców; przypomnimy Wam także utwory i muzyków, którzy są już nieco zapomniani, jednak ze względu na ich dorobek warto dowiedzieć się o nich czegoś więcej.

Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne is an English born heavy metal vocalist who is often credited with the current popularity of the genre. Born in a family of six children, Ozzy has been very vocal about his learning disabilities including dyslexia which made his childhood quite difficult.
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The success story of Jay-Z

Jay-Z is regarded as one of the most financially successful recording artists in the American music industry with his personal fortunes in the vicinity of $150m million. But Jay-Z did not always have it this good…
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The YouTube Star Shane Dawson

Everyone loves YouTube, but there are very few people who actually get the nerve to post on there, and even fewer who happen to make it big. Shane Dawson just so happens to be one of the people who have made it big.
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Life and Death of Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was an English singer and songwriter particularly well known for her unique music style and life full of drugs and alcohol.
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Rihanna’s rise to success

The Barbadian songstress has created quite a stir in The United States with her music, her nubile charms and her dusky hot looks. Find out about the way she had to go through to get to the place where she is now.
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Getting Lost In Rock ‘n’ Roll Symbols

I usually try to steer clear of making generalizations about a group of people, but this time I can’t help it: Conspiracy theorists are total freaks. These are the people who believe Courtney Love murdered Kurt Cobain.
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Beyoncé the singer with the three and a half octave vocal range is not only known for her amazing singing talent but also her ever fluctuating weight and some disastrous wardrobe choices which can probably be blamed on her mom.
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The Lady GaGa phenomenon

Lady GaGa’s eccentricities while totally shocking are often misplaced because the gal comes from a perfectly healthy and normal middle class, American background; why she even has a normal and cutesy name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.
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Justin Bieber

The Justin Bieber – teeny bopper heart throb – is from Ontario Canada, his mom was all of 18 when she had him and although the family kept in touch with his biological dad, for all good financial reasons they were on their own. His mom took on several low paying jobs to support her tot; Justin showed an inclination towards music early on and is a self taught drum, guitar, piano and trumpet player, quite an accomplishment for a kid his age.
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Kesha is an American singer who epitomized a modern day Cinderella Story in Tinsel Town minus the Prince Charming. The girl comes from a very humble back ground where her single mom had to often rely on social security checks for the upbringing of her children. However, this did not stop her from aspiring to make it big in the music business.
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