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Apple’s historic step

People can become addicted to a whole bunch of things. For instance there is a group of people who cannot do without the state-of-the-art gadgets – for these people, iPad is a must-have. But what actually makes iPad so desirable?
Katarzyna Reluga Poziom: C1 Komentarze:02012-01-03 16:00

The Origin of Twitter

There is an assumption that everyone has heard of Twitter.com, right? If you haven’t, it seemsyour brain has either gone AWOL, or your PC is frozen, or has been disconnected for the last five years.
Steven Malloney Poziom: C1 Komentarze:02011-04-28 16:30

The Common Good: Google's gift and the pope's teaching

Google made headlines recently when it announced a new perk for its employees. Workers for the Internet company can now have personal odd jobs done at company expense.
Charles K. Wilber Poziom: B2 Komentarze:02011-02-28 19:00

The Future of the Internet. Where is it heading?

Do we want a world like the Matrix? Do we want to cut out the interaction of ourselves from one another? Find out what's the future of the Internet - where is it heading?
Steven Malloney Poziom: B2 Komentarze:02011-02-28 11:10

All about the Ultra Expensive Phone from Vertu Company

Forget about the boring Nokia or Samsung as a phone, if one wants status, then one should go for a Vertu phone. These phones are considered to be some of the most expensive phones in the world.
Steven Malloney Poziom: B1 Komentarze:02011-02-16 15:00

Audi's e-Tron Electric Car

The Audi e-tron car design can be placed alongside the sports car models due to its sleek and fine design; in addition to this, the car also has specific realities of an electric vehicle - the battery is placed just behind the passenger cabin to specify the point of gravitation and balance the distribution of the axle load.
P.D. Poziom: B2 Komentarze:02010-10-29 12:02

China and Google - Tug of War

Do you know where the Google-China issue started? To answer this question, which country has the most number of Internet users in the globe these days? I think you should have guessed it right. 384 million users in China are topping the list. From only 23 million users in 2000, after ten years, their number has blown up tremendously. 
Ł.K. Poziom: B1 Komentarze:02010-10-11 12:11

The unusual life and inventions of Nicola Tesla

Nicola Tesla, one of the most brilliant and mysterious scientist in the human history, was born into a Serbian Orthodox family in 1856. After growing up in the small town of Gospic, he went on to study electrical engineering at the Austrian Polytechnic in Graz, however records at the university show that he stopped attending lessons in his third year and never graduated.
P.D. Poziom: B1 Komentarze:02010-10-01 00:41

AR Games

In the late 1950s, an American physicist and inventor, Willy Higinbotham, constructed the first device that allowed a simple tennis game to be played after it had been connected to the TV set. Willy had no idea that this invention was revolutionary, and he did not patent this first video game.
Aleksandra Wereszczyńska Poziom: B2 Komentarze:02010-09-15 14:41

The story of Aston Martin motor company

The story of Aston Martin is one riddled with stops, starts and bankruptcy. Hailed as one of the most luxurious sports car brands in the world and associated with MI6 agent, James Bond, the company has forgone multiple management changes, dips in sales and some halts in production altogether to rise up again and again as one of the most prestigious automobile companies ever.
P.D. Poziom: B1 Komentarze:02010-09-14 08:50
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