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Why do People Queue for Long Hours before Premieres of Every new Apple Product?

Those of us who aren’t into gadgets cannot understand why anyone would feel compelled to stand for hours in line, just so they can get the latest electronic toy that Apple has created. 2010 is only half over and already we’ve seen the lunacy happen twice. First when Apple released the iPad earlier this spring, and more recently when the new 4 GB iPhone suddenly appeared on store shelves.
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The Success Story Of iRobot Products

Dumb, dirty and dangerous – no we are not speaking of anyone’s spouse in particular or general. In fact it is the 3 criteria that catapulted the success story of iRobot products. The iRobot Corporation deals in pocket sized devices that help in cleaning homes and industrial areas. These robots are automated vacuum cleaners that will do your maid’s job without the complaining or the added expense to your monthly budget.
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The NOKIA success story

Nokia is a Finnish telecommunications company which operates worldwide. It is most known for mobile phones, but it also produces other telecommunication products.
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