Dział Sport przeznaczony jest dla wszystkich tych, którzy aktywnie uprawiają sport oraz dla tych, którzy interesują się sportem, śledząc zmagania innych w transmisjach telewizyjnych lub internetowych. W tym dziale znajdziecie czytanki dotyczące wielkich sportowców i ich wyczynów, poznacie znane i nieznane dyscypliny sportowe, zwiedzicie kultowe areny rozgrywek, a także dowiecie się, w jaki sposób trenować, aby osiągnąć zamierzone rezultaty.

The History of Skateboarding

Skating started in the middle of the 20th century. Most likely it was surfers, during a wave-less spell, who became bored and decided to try their skills on land. They started shaping things like mini-boards and attaching roller-skate wheels to do tricks.
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The Career of Kobe Bryant

Averaging in over 20 points per game for every season since 1998, Kobe Bryant was deemed the premiere guard of the Los Angeles Lakers, later the second best player in the history of NBA, just next to Michael Jordan. So where did this rookie-turned-icon come from?
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The Phenomena of Football and FC Barcelona – Kicking Beyond the Barriers

What is the world’s greatest sport? Football is the only correct answer, as far as certified football fanatics and certain psychic octopi like Paul are concerned. Football has been popular for ages and its popularity has crossed geographical boundaries.
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Surfers subculture in Australia

Surfing in Australia attracts a major number of tourists. The warm weather all year round and the beaches of Australia that are known to have some of the best waves is a huge attraction and with this surfing is gaining popularity.
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The importance of sport at the US universities – why poor students but great sportsmen obtain scholarships

Level of support for college sport teams is incredible and unheard of in most other countries! The entire budget of the NCAA is greater than $5.5 billion. Best student athletes can receive even $21,500 scholarship. Why is it so?
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Fight or Flight

People have always been fascinated by flight. Greek mythology tells the story of Icarus, the son of an imprisoned craftsman who fashioned wings from wax and feathers to escape captivity.
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American Football – rules of the game

American Football is an extremely popular sport in the States. The rules themselves like most sports are complicated when looking at them in great detail, but the main ideas of the sport are relatively simple.
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The world’s most bizarre sports

Sadly we missed one great event held here in the good ol’ USA: the annual Outhouse Classic in Trenary, Michigan, which occurs the last Saturday in February. The idea is that teams build an outhouse, make sure it has a toilet seat and toilet paper inside, put it on skis, and push it 500 feet down Trenary’s main street.
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American Cheerleaders

When you think of cheerleading, many people jump to the stereotypical thought of blond girls in tight sweaters chasing after the high school quarterback, but cheerleading today is no longer about the sideline squad created solely to cheer on other teams. With national and international competitions cheerleading is about more than just (American) football games. . “… those are like practices for us. I’m talking about a tournament. ESPN cameras all around. Hundreds of people cheering.” (Torrance Shipman – Bring it On 2000).
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Is David Beckham a sportsman or pop-star?

It may be one of the most debatable subjects in modern history – Is David Beckham a sportsman or pop-star? (You can already hear millions of his ardent fans screaming “all of the above”). This would not be for the only fact that Becks is considered to be the most handsome man alive or because he can bend the ball like no other footballer or for his pop-star husband status. There are more layers to the David Robert Joseph Beckham portfolio than one could probably imagine.
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