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Audi's e-tron Electric Car: Bringing the Future of Automobiles to the Present.

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Audi is a manufacturing company specializing in developing automobiles of different varieties. Established by the Volkswagen AG in 1964, Audi has committed to ingenuity and creativity in industrializing cars to fit contemporary trends and necessities. The first two lines may very well fit the description of other automobile manufacturing companies; the only difference its, Audi is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen AG - I can’t exactly say the same for the others. Furthermore, Audi, today, is developing the next generation set of wheels: the e-tron electric drive powertrain system, designed with four motors, a heat pump, and a remarkable feature of being all electric. As of 2010, Audi has released three models of the e-tron car concept: the Frankfurt showcar e-tron, Detroit showcar e-tron, and the Audi A1 e-tron concept which has yet to be produced.

The Audi e-tron car design can be placed alongside the sports car models due to its sleek and fine design; in addition to this, the car also has specific realities of an electric vehicle - the battery is placed just behind the passenger cabin to specify the point of gravitation and balance the distribution of the axle load. Another note-worthy feature of this concept is the fact that it has a heat pump, the first car in history to have one installed. The heat pump used by Audi for this project is the same one used for common buildings; it’s a mechanical machine aimed at producing heat with minimum release of energy. However, as impressive and exciting as it may sound, the project is still in process.

In order for the company to mass produce the prototypes, they’d have to make sure that this project is at par with the conventional automobile so it will still be convenient for the driver’s part. Otherwise all drivers who invest in these products will have to learn how to run a car again, and that just takes the fun out of driving. Moreover, since it is an electric car, it would require a large traction battery for it to actually run and that would take too much space and not to mention the fact that it would definitely add weight to the vehicle; for this, Audi plans a more lightweight construction to reduce road resistance.  Looks like there’s still a bit of work to be done here.

Since the electric drive system is almost still just a fantasy, Audi is taking careful steps in elaborating details and securing quality results so that at the end of the day they’ll achieve their principal goal. And at the moment, there are still a lot of adjustments and advancements that need to be arranged before this project can be officially released. So if you’re interested, you’ll have to wait a little while longer; on the other hand, look at the bright side - if this project is finally publicly released, you wouldn’t have to worry yourself of where you’ll get oil-fuel for your car in the future.

Audi came up with three different concepts for the e-tron electric cars:

The Frankfurt showcar Audi e-tron is the first prototype so its design and performance are practically based on the primary concept: it’s a super-car dressed in four motors separately running each wheel; it’s got exact proportions at 1.9 meters wide, 4.26 meters long and 1.23 meters tall; it covers 154 miles and has the ability to recharge while in motion or otherwise; it’s got an electronic brake system, which converts energy into electricity and recovers it all when you pull the brakes; even better is that it’s light, cool, sexy and high-tech - what’s not to like?

Then the Detroit showcar Audi e-tron comes along. In addition to the basic e-tron functions, the Detroit showcar exhibits a more lightweight experience thus giving the driver a more go-kart feel of a car rather than just an average vehicle feel.  Its low weight, short wheelbase, and right weight distribution makes it perfectly agile and easy for dynamic handling.

Further developments are exhibited in the car’s design not only on the surface but in the inside as well. Inside, the driver’s seat has been upgraded to a cockpit, created as such to fit the driver’s ‘essence’. This new concept is defined by its purist interior design and therefore, displays a refined description of the car’s capabilities. It’s just another great car, what else is there to say? Just add a little height to the seat and pedals and you’ve got your kid a life-sized sports car perfect for inside a really big house - it’s short, light, and easy for dynamic handling.   Finally, the third concept is made; but the A1 e-tron concept is still as it is - a concept; although it is already ready for production. What’s great about it, when compared to the two prior models, is that this model has a 148.7 mpg fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of only 45 g/km; and more especially, it’s got a wankel engine which can actually extend the vehicle’s range when the initial charge in the battery is no more. With the addition of this device, the A1 e-tron increases at least 120 miles more in range, making the sports car “the sports car”.

Audi’s e-tron concepts are truly innovative and exceptional. It just shows that the future isn’t so far ahead, after all.  Now if we can just get these cars actually put into production…

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