W dziale Personal Advice Column przeczytacie o problemach, z którymi borykają się amerykańscy studenci uczęszczający na jeden z kalifornijskich uniwersytetów. Wszystkie artykuły publikowane w tym dziale są przedrukami listów z amerykańskiej gazety uniwersyteckiej The Santa Clara.

How do you tell a girl that you’re really interested only in the hookups?

I’ve been hooking up with this girl for a few weeks now, and even though both of us agreed to keep things casual, she’s starting to treat me more like a boyfriend.
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I think I’m jealous of my boyfriend’s girlfriend

I’ve noticed my boyfriend’s been spending a lot more time with his female best friend. I know they’re close, but I’m beginning to think something might be going on between them. Should I be worried?
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Should I be upset about my brother sleeping with my friend?

Over winter break, a friend from school came to stay with my family and me at our house. While she was there, she hooked up with my brother. I didn’t find out until she drunkenly confessed to me weeks later. She seems to think it’s no big deal, but I’m not so sure...
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How do you get invited to a party?

I am trying to get this girl to ask me to her sorority formal. How should I do it?
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How do you tell your significant someone that you’re questioning your relationship?

I’m a senior and my boyfriend is a junior. I’m graduating after this quarter and plan to move up to the city. How do I tell my boyfriend I’m questioning whether we should stay together?
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How to find a serious boyfriend/girlfriend?

I’m sick of hooking up with randoms at parties, how do I start looking for something a little more serious?
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How to start a conversation with a cute someone?

“I’ve been in class with this cute guy for four weeks and he doesn’t do more than say hi. How can I get a convo going?”
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Is seeing a freshman awkward?

“I’m a senior and just started seeing a freshman. I’m worried my friends will tease me or things will be really awkward when we’re out with other people. Is this a bad idea?” – Cradle Robber
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How long should the grieving period last?

“The woman I’m secretly in love with just broke up with her long-term boyfriend. How long should I wait?” —Patient Love
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To talk or not to talk with ex

“I broke up with my girlfriend two weeks ago. Her birthday is in two days. Should I do anything?” – Bewildered Birthday.
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