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Area 51 - Are the Conspiracies True, or Are They Just Hiding the Real Truth?

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Happy Birthday Nellis Air Force Base! In 2011, Nellis Air Force Base, famous for being the site of Area 51, will be 60 years old! In 1951, President Harry Truman created an area called the Nevada Proving Grounds after it was felt that it became a security risk, and too expensive, to do nuclear testing on islands in the Pacific Ocean. Truman chose this area because the government owned the land and it was about 100 miles away from any large population center. After the inception of Nellis Air Force Base the AFC, Atomic Energy Commission, divided the site into different “areas.” This is how Area 51 got its name.

There are as many conspiracy theories about the place as there are years that the Air Force Base has been operational. Everyone knows that the base is an aircraft research center but, did you know that the United States denied the existence of the whole base, including Area 51, for decades How can you miss it? That’s, I believe, the beginning of the conspiracies surrounding the site. Try to keep something secret and tongues will wag. Sad, probably, but fun nonetheless!

This whole UFO thing began, in earnest, with an obscure radio broadcast on October 31, 1938. I wonder what H.G. Wells, author of the famed War of the Worlds novel, would have thought if he found out that all of this rigmarole concerning UFOs began with a reading of his novel? Orson Wells narrated this radio broadcast as a Halloween drama. He presented it in a series of “news bulletins” that suggested there was an actual alien invasion, by Martians, currently in progress. There ended up being, it was said, wide-spread panic because of the “invasion.” Very gullible, weren’t they? Ever since that time, our love affair with UFOs has been in full swing.

In 1947, Roswell’s famous UFO crash happened. The government said that a “UFO” had crashed; then, almost immediately, they downplayed it saying that it was only a weather balloon. Ok, how can you not tell that this thing that crashed was a weather balloon, and how come a humongous amount of military personnel was seen at the site the day of and days after the incident? For some reason, the “weather balloon” pieces were transported to Write Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The crash items stayed there for an indeterminable amount of time and then were transported, at least everyone believes, to the famed site of Area 51. Who knows, it might have just been a weather balloon crash and the military that went to Roswell to collect the wreckage decided to have a holiday there. Sure, I believe it.

Since that time, conspiracy theories have become the name of the game concerning Area 51. Of course, the known one, about the crash of Roswell being there is prevalent. If this one’s true, there just have to be aliens frozen for research purposes. There are also claims that the military is reverse-engineering alien technology to build its own UFOs. I really think this one’s good because, if you think about it, the government has had 60 years to make its own UFOs and the only thing it’s come up with is the Stealth Bomber. A good airplane, yes, but, since aliens are so far ahead in technology, after 60 years wouldn’t they have been able to come up with something better? The thing is though, there have continued to be sightings of UFOs, not necessarily the saucer shaped ones, that seem to prove this around Area 51.

Here’s another popular one surrounding Area 51. The United States government is building a time machine there! How exactly did this one start? There is really little evidence to support the claim but, think about this, how did “time machine” come from “aliens?” Could there possibly be any truth to it? Of course, everything there is so top-secret that the government even flies its workers in every day on a private air plane.

There was even an attempt by the United States government to quell the purported mass-hysteria concerning increasing UFO sightings. In the 1960s, they started Project Blue Book. This commission investigated hundreds of sightings and they concluded that about 90% of them could be explained by comets, weather balloons (hmmm) or flocks of birds. Flocks of birds! Now, that’s rich. Something that should be noted though is that the commission was unable to explain the other 10% of the sightings.

Even today, new and invigorated “proof” has become prevalent concerning aliens at Area 51. There’s a video that has been circulating for a bit showing an alien being interrogated at Area 51 who, supposedly, goes nuts and has to be subdued. Everyone says that it’s faked and many scientists (scientists?) have come forward trying to explain away the pictures of the video. Who knows, maybe it was an alien but how has it been kept alive for over 60 years? Or, have there been more crashes that we don’t know about? I think I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

So, are there aliens living the high life at Area 51? Is the United States government building a time machine there?  Or, is there even an Area 51? Could it all just be a smoke-screen by the government to hide the real place (possibly Hangar 18)?