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Fight Obesity, Defy Gravity: Catalyzing Teenage Power in Fighting Obesity

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Other than learning that it is angular momentum that makes the world go round (not love, nor money), what I love the most about physics is that it helped me realize that defying gravity is that easy. Not only by falling in love, of course, but also by a lot of other applications like fighting obesity.

Here are some quick facts that we should know to understand the not-so-convoluted condition of obesity.

Obesity turning Obese

Obesity is a condition in which the body is excessively accumulated with fats. A person is considered to be obese when he or she is at least 20 percent heavier than his or her ideal body weight. According to the latest research of the Institute of Medicine, there are approximately 9 million children and teens aged 6 to 19 years old in the United States who are considered to be obese. This number is alarming for the rate of obese children and teens in the US is continually increasing, that they considered obesity as “epidemic”.

Did you know that...

In industrialized countries like the US, the increasing rate of obesity may be linked to the stability of food supply brought about by their progressing economy. As foods become more varied and enticing, people’s eating goes beyond the physiological need to eat.

Also, poor eating habits derived from “dining out” choices such as fast food and soft drinks certainly cause unwanted fats. Combined with a lack of exercise, the calories taken up by the body are not burned, and thus build up as fats.

How to defy gravity

It became a common notion to teens that fighting obesity is a fruitless struggle. It is not. Obesity is not a scientific concept or a math problem that will sublime your brain into a colorless, odorless gas. Here are some easy guides to help fight obesity:

An apple a day, shaves the bulges away. Don’t worry; it’s not about computing the acceleration of a free-falling apple. It only means that apples not only keep the doctor away but also reduce the unwanted fats in a delicious way! Thanks to science, one can now speed up the metabolism rate of his or her body by simply eating apples.

I never thought that children's shows could be this educational. It simply means that: Before putting that food into the dip, better think and wink. Imagine the fats celebrating, waiting for your health to shrink! Naughty, bully little fats, right? So better say no before they go.

Rock a bye sweetie on the three top. I know that sweets are always hard to resist but bear in mind that sweets do NOT lead to sweet endings. They can lead us to the bitter reality of having diseases. They cause fluctuation in blood sugar level and addition of unwanted fats. So make sure that reducing sugar intake is one of the top three in your diet goals.

Life is good, to jog is cute. Life is good not just because of what technological devices offer us. Life itself is good and cute. So why not enjoy life with your friends while burning some calories at the same time? Jogging at least two hours a week is a good start.

Row, row, row the boat, gently down the stream. Of course, there are other ways to burn those calories. You can do pleasurable but equally-strenuous activities like rowing, hiking, etc. The only key is to identify the physical activities that you enjoy doing the most, and that you are determined to do over again.

Like a bridge over DOUBLED water. Sodas taste good but remember that they’re nothing more than just carbonated water. So why not eliminate the word carbonated this time and just drink water?

Today is not a fairytale. (And we don't just wish to contradict Taylor Swift’s “Today was a Fairy Tale”.) Today is really the best day to start things over, so don't wait for tomorrow.

Fighting obesity is this easy. Start defying gravity.

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