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Hugh Laurie - The Man Who Is Dr. House in Person

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Hugh Laurie - The Award Winning Roles

Hugh Laurie, the man who assumes various roles such as comedian, writer, actor and voice artist, is from England. Hugh Laurie collaborated with his friend, Stephen Fry and rose to stardom being Laurie in Fry and Laurie. After making a name for himself, he had starred in two other shows before assuming a role which he currently is well known for in 2004: a sarcasticannoying, funny and true to life doctor with a limp, Dr Gregory House in the drama series, House. Having not one trace of English accent, James Hugh Calum Laurie or better known as Hugh Laurie has made Dr House a hated yet loved addictive human being that some would like to kill or just plainly strangle. Due to this role, Hugh Laurie has won 2 Golden Globe awards and has been honored by being nominated for a few Emmy's.

Hugh Laurie - The England's Baby

Hugh Laurie was birthed on 11 June 1959. Brought up by the church community, Hugh Laurie has a weird perception of God, claiming that he does not believe in the Almighty  because of the fact that if you accept anything in your life and make use of it, it will be taken away from you. Hugh Laurie does leave his traces as a child in Oxford and ends his educated life in Cambridge receiving archaeology and anthropology degrees and being a member of the well known Hawks Club. Looking through at how educated he is, one might wonder where  historian Hugh Laurie is in Dr House? Oh wait, Dr House does love to go on this long winded search for the cause of one's sickness. Now, we know where his historian degree of dig up comes to play.

Following in his father's footsteps, Hugh Laurie entered into sports relating to rowing or oaring. However, due to a medical related sickness (truly ironic) Hugh Laurie had to abandon
 rowing and ended up as a British comedian via Cambridge Footlights. This is where Hugh Laurie met his then girlfriend, Emma Thompson who paired him up with Stephen Fry and the rest is history. Though one might be surprised to know, Fry and Laurie were the first to win the Perrier Comedy Award in 1981.

Hugh Laurie - The Making of A True Showman

Winning the award sparked Hugh Laurie into a ride of this lifetime. He acted in a few other shows that were shown on Granada Television, working hand in hand with well known Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson, and various shows under the Fry and Laurie team. Hugh Laurie did have some fun appearing on music videos such as Experiment IVWalking on Broken Glass by famous singer, Annie Lennox and acting opposite people like John Malkovich and Emma Thompson. One of the more subdued performances by Hugh Laurie is his role as a father in Stuart Little 1 - 3. Now, how could we ever know this nice sweet father would turn out to be a real pain in you-know-where doctor.

Playing a few more animated and drama shows, Hugh Laurie hit the Americans with his role as crazy Dr Gregory House where he put on an American accent (Really? Just did not see that one coming) and did an 
audition in the only room he could find light in – the hotel bathroom. He did the accent so well that the producer thought he was an American actor. Well, Dr House was born with Hugh Laurie showing us how a straightforward doctor could be our only way to come out of a deadly disease.

Hugh Laurie - The Never Ending Personal Story

Hugh Laurie does have ultimate respect for his father who took care of his sick and suffering mother for 2 years before she passed on. Laurie married Jo Green in 1989 and has 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Laurie is known to suffer from bad clinical depression and he realized he had it when he did a demolition derby
 event. He neither felt excited nor scared when cars were exploding around him. He actually felt BORED. Well, now you know he was always meant to play the role of House. He already had House in him during that time. Hugh Laurie is receiving treatment for depression, one wonders, however, does his psychotherapist talk to him like how Dr House speaks to his patients? Well, one can only wonder (crossing fingers and hoping it's a yes). 

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