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Jonathan Rhys Meyers - The Small Boy with The Good Looks

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Doesn’t Jonathan Rhys Meyers smell good? Well, Jonathan has Hugo Boss to thank for that. Jonathan Rhys Meyers assumes the role of an actor and model. Born in Ireland, Jonathan Rhys Meyers started his entertainment career in movies such as August Rush, Velvet Goldmine, Bend It Like Beckham and Match Point. Jonathan Rhys Meyers also portrayed the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley in the television miniseries Elvis. Due to the believable and in depth portrayal of Elvis, Jonathan Rhys Meyers won himself a Golden Globe for Best Actor. Jonathan Rhys Meyers also portrayed one of the most controversial kings of all time, King Henry VIII in The Tudors. Looks like Jonathan Rhys Meyers is not only a pretty faced boy, he has the chaps to fit with his outlook. Singing his way through out Velvet Goldmine and August Rush, Jonathan Rhys Meyers really does show his softer side, maybe a tad bit too much for a tough man. Jonathan Rhys Meyers became well known as a model for his appearance in a few Hugo Boss fragrances advertisements.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers – A Tough Road To Begin With

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was birthed on 27 July 1977 in Dublin. Born with the name of Jonathan Michael Francis O’Keefe, he was born into a musically inclined family as his father was a musician. Jonathan Rhys Meyers decided to use his mother’s family name to break into show business.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers had a serious heart problem when he was born. Right after his birth date, he was baptized in a classic ceremony to save his life. Few months of his life as a baby were spent in the hospital. A year later, the family upped and left Dublin for Cork City and started his life there. Being the eldest out of 4 children, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the only one who entered the world of entertainment as an actor compared to his 3 brothers who are now musicians.

Unfortunately for Jonathan Rhys Meyers, both his father and mother split with each other causing the whole family to be impacted. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his brother, Alan stayed with his mother and his 2 other brothers went to leave with his father.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers – A Turn of Event to Success

Jonathan Rhys Meyers did not do well in school causing him to be terminated from high school. This is because Jonathan was found always spending time around pool halls and not attending school. At that time, casting people were looking for young boys to star in War of the Buttons and immediately was picked to perform an audition. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was not chosen but casting people saw potential in him as an actor. Jonathan’s break came with his film role in A Man of No Importance and there was no turning back. Jonathan Rhys Myers soon starred in Michael Collins and Ride With Devil.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers soon dabbled in television in Gormenghast and Elvis. Thank goodness Jonathan did not sing in the Elvis series as he would not have loved to be compared to the King of Rock and Roll. Jonathan Rhys Meyers also acted in Vanity Fair and Alexander. Acting in Match Point won Jonathan Rhys Meyers a Chopard Trophy at the Cannes Film Festival.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers started his modeling career for Versace but really moved up in the modeling world with Hugo Boss. Due to that, Jonathan Rhys Meyers signed up with Independent Models to further his modeling career.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Controversial Personal Life

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is blessed with properties in Los Angeles, London, Dublin and Morocco. Jonathan also has a horse named Belle and dog named Boo Boo. Due to Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s habit of abusing alcohol, he had to seek treatment. That didn’t block Jonathan from getting arrested at the Dublin Airport and creating a mess as well as attacking a bar staff in Paris and threatening to murder them. Finally, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was banned from flying on United Airlines due to his drunken behavior in the JFK airport.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers could have one of the good looking faces in town but his drunken behavior is the best entertainment one could ever get. Drink on Jonathan, we are cheering you on.

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