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Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus was not only born with a silver spoon but also with a matching silver guitar; with papa Billy Ray Cyrus getting doors opened for her. The Cyrus tot was named Destiny Hope because her parents though that the child would go on to achieve great things; they nicknamed the kid smiley because she loved to smile; this eventually turned into the shortened moniker Miley.

Destiny Hope aka Miley has 3 half siblings and 2 younger siblings, Miley was brought up in style at a 500 acre ranch a stone's thrown away from Nashville. She always had an inclination for performing and putting on a show. With daddy dearest a famous country singer, Miley had a loving musical environment at home. However, she had not set her heart on an acting career until she was eight years old and watched her dad shoot for the television series, Doc. The pint sized songstress was so fascinated by the filming environment that she immediately declared to her dad that she also wanted to act.

This led to a small role on the show where she breathed life into the character of a girl named Kylie; this was preceded by several acting and dancing lessons to prepare her for her goal of achieving show business glory. Miley’s mom, Tish, shrewdly handed over the management of her daughter’s career to Mitchell Gosset with blessings from Miley’s godmother the busty Dolly Parton.

This led to an eventual audition for a Disney show Hannah Montana. Miley was all of eleven by the time she heard about the auditions and sent in her tape for the role of the lead character’s best friend. But the fact that she could sing as well as act meant that the producers could save some money and they invited her to audition for the lead role. However, the producers felt that the girl was too young and small and would not be able to convincingly portray the character of a girl who leads a dual life.

However, Miley was persistence epitomized and after audition after audition and according to inside reports, also a word or two from Daddy, Miley finally got the part and the rest as they say is history. Miley quickly turned into the teeny bopper superstar; just about every kid in the age group of 5 to 14 wanted to be like her and wanted to listen to her. The show was a huge success and several movie adaptations were also made which ran to packed theaters. Miley earned a lot in lucrative endorsement deals. Have you heard about how money pulls money? Well, Miley is a prime example. 
Today, Billy Ray’s manager takes care of the day to day management of Cyrus’s career while her mom has a big say in the important career moves that Miley makes. But Miley has had her share of controversies. Behind the wholesome, innocent image of Hannah  Montana, lurksbudding sex siren or at least so it seemed after Miley’s several brushes with what could be best described as inappropriate behavior and attire.

It all started with the infamous, towel wrapped around, with nothing underneath, semi naked photograph of a 15 year old Miley that raised quite a few eye brows after it appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair. The only thing that can be said in Miley’s defense in case of the shoot is that she was a kid at the time. However, the question is, what were the adults around her including her parents thinking; letting their 15 year old daughter pose topless for a magazine?

But this just wet the young girl’s appetite for the grossly objectionable and since then there have been several episodes from the pole dancing like a porn star at a family entertainment event to leaked provocative pictures splashed all over the cyber world. Miley again feigned innocence and let her age come to her defense. She meekly stated that the pictures were taken after her Gmail account was hacked and that she was certainly not perfect. Well, Miley, grown ups know that you are not the most perfect kid, but what about the millions of raving youngsters who want to emulate your every move, do we also ask them to run around naked with just a bed sheet draped around to cover their modesty?

Perhaps the media and parents are being too hard on the poor girl; after all, it couldn’t have been easy to spend her teenage years as a hot shot telly star.

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