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Naomi Campbell's Addiction to Blood Diamonds

Autor: Langloo
Poziom: Średniozaawansowany

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Naomi Campbell has a problem. Her problem is diamonds. Although she wears them daily, she doesn’t even know what they look like. When handed a bag of blood diamonds in her hotel at night 13 years ago, she simply accepted the gift and rolled right back over to sleep. Now she’s angry about receiving the diamonds and going to court, because, as she puts it, “It’s all just one big, huge inconvenience for me.” Wonderful. What else is an inconvenience for you - getting up in the morning? Having someone else put on your makeup for you? It’s inconvenient to testify for what, one or two afternoons? Why?

Stopping child slaves, stopping the blood diamond problem, and helping put bad guys in prison is an inconvenience for you?  She’s mad about going to court, she’s mad about testifying, and she’s mad that everyone thinks that she knows what the diamonds were, because as she puts it plainly, she did not know what they were.  However, her story felt a little false at trial - she couldn’t even remember how old her son was when she was asked. Go up to the street, ask any mother how old their child was in 1997, and they’ll be able to tell you. Give them a date, and they’ll probably remember what they were doing on that particular day as well. Not so with Naomi.

“I thought the diamonds were dirty looking stones,” Campbell remarks. Really? And what did you do with this bag of dirty-looking stones—toss it in the gutter? For a woman who recognizes diamonds as beautiful and wears them frequently, how could she not recognize the gem?  Or did she simply want to ignore that a child slave had helped get those diamonds? Witnesses say that Charles Taylor said he’d give her some diamonds later—wouldn’t she have thrown a fit if she really thought that they were dirty-looking stones?

Taylor has been arrested for 11 war crimes. Campbell would have been better off never knowing the man. For one, she’d have gotten a full nights’ sleep; and for two, she wouldn’t be forced to testify in trial now, which, of course, she says is “a huge inconvenience.” Really.  A huge inconvenience to what? It’s not like you’re getting any job offers or turning anything down while you’re in the middle of this. Come on, lady; simply testify in the trial instead of dragging the whole problem out for six months - you’re just making yourself look guilty. Do the world a favor, too, and review your testimony before you sit down to say it, so you actually make sense.

Were you drunk at the dinner, or do you not remember anything because someone slipped something in your salad? Campbell remembers nothing about the dinner.  Nothing.  Not one iota, and she obviously didn’t remember what happened that night, either.

Now, Campbell's testimony isn't even adding up. She said she was very disappointed when she got the gift because they weren't shiny (well duh, rocks aren't going to be shiny). She said that she had never met Taylor, yet was seen talking to Taylor and - get this - she knew the stones were a gift from Taylor. Never met Taylor? Then why would Taylor give her this gift? Certainly, Taylor wouldn't be walking around handing out blood diamonds to strangers.

Perhaps most importantly, Campbell couldn’t remember anything that happened at the dinner. She couldn’t even remember how old her son was. She couldn’t remember where she was sitting. Where did they eat? Forget about it - she can’t remember that, either. Don’t go asking her for any recommendations because she can’t remember. Okay, not remembering where you sat or ate? Fine, but your own son’s age? Wouldn’t you remember that? Or at the very least, be able to make an accurate guess? When asked why she couldn’t remember, she simply said math wasn’t her gift. Well, even second graders can use subtraction and addition to know their own ages.

This isn’t the first time that Campbell has been in trouble either (and probably won’t be the last). She was in trouble in 2000 for beating her assistant. She also pleaded guilty in 2008 for attacking the police at the airport. Not only does she have trouble with blood diamonds - dentifying them, that is - she has trouble with getting in trouble. Oh, wait, never mind; it’s not getting into trouble that she has a problem with; it’s staying out of trouble that the woman has a problem with.

Campbell does definitely seem to have a problem with blood diamond addictions and false memories. However, next time, when she's at a dinner party with Charles Taylor (that is, assuming that Taylor's ever going to get out of jail alive, which is becoming less and less likely given his own crimes and sentencing) she will probably be able to remember where she was sitting, what she was eating, and hopefully, how old her son is. Also, hopefully, she'll remember what blood diamonds look like.


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