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School Groups

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School years are difficult for many children, but some people think that popularity makes it easier. Let us see today, who the most popular and least popular children are. Obviously, each school and each situation differs, but there are some stereotypical groups that are more frequent than others.

There are three main groups for boys: the geeks, the sporty boys (jocks), and those that are somewhere in between. The geeks are generally not very popular - intelligence is a curse for them at this age, and they often lack personality skills. The jocks are most likely the popular boys - they are good at sport, they have athletic builds and are more attractive to girls. Historically, the stronger and sportier people have always been the ones who have succeeded, for example, in wars - no wonder that  nowadays they are the 'leaders' at school. Their intelligence, however, is not as impressive as their outer appearance. The ones that are in between, or 'inbetweeners,' are or aren't popular. Generally, they don't care either about sport, or education, or both, and seem to drift between the other two groups.

For girls, there are three main groups that are very similar to the groups for the boys: the geeks, the inbetweeners, and the popular girls. In this case, it appears that looks is the most important. It is said that boys never want to be friends with girls and that they are always looking for something more. Whether this is true or not, the good-looking guys nearly always seem to hang out with the good-looking girls. What makes a geek when it comes to girls? Usually, they are skinny, intelligent, bad at sport and lack personality skills. There are girls that are classified as geeks even if they are not very intelligent, but look bad for instance. The inbetweeners again are popular or not, depending on how everyone feels and who they hang out with. The popular girls are the pretty girls - they don't have to be good at sport, but they definitely have to look good. The popular girls are quite often cheerleaders who attend the games in which the jocks participate.

Homer Simpson (from the American animated sitcom The Simpsons) once said to his son: 'Being popular is the most important thing in the whole world.' Many people really think it's true, but the question is, 'Why it is so important?' Well, there are a number of reasons. If you are popular, you are likely to have more friends, which means you can have a more active social life. Another reason is that it makes you feel more important - either because you can wear clothes representing your team, or just because people know who you are. After all, hundreds of people attend every high school sporting event. Another advantage of being popular is connected with relations with the opposite sex. The popular people will generally have more partners and, as a result, more sexual relations, which for many teenagers (particularly for the boys) is a great incentive to become popular. This is not to say that the remaining groups will not have any relations, but you need to remember about the hierarchy - if popular teens are level 1, inbetweeners are level 2 and geeks are level 3, level 1 can have a partner from any level, level 2 can have a partner from level 2 and 3, and level 3 can only have a partner from level 3. 

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