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Strange phobias

Autor: Langloo
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Phobic persons are afraid of something that actually poses no real threat. Although they know that it's not rational to fear something like a refrigerator falling through the kitchen floor, they can't help but become distressed. Facing the cause of the fear or even thinking about it will bring anxiety or even panic attacks.

The subject of a phobia can be anything that a person can – or can't – think of. Most common phobias include a fear of some animal, for example spiders, snakes or dogs. Others could include fears of closed spaces, heights or water. In this article we'll take a look at some of the most unusual phobias. Social phobias are pretty common. Many people are afraid of speaking publicly or being in a crowded place, especially if they don't know anyone who's there.

Some phobias are linked to social phobias. For example, urophobia is a fear of urine itself or just urinating, either doing it in a public restroom or hearing others pee. I myself have a very small bladder so this phobia would just kill me.

I wouldn't want to live in France if I were suffering from Francophobia, fear of Napoleon's home country and its culture. So long, French fries.

And you'd have to avoid tourist traps if you have Japanophobia, since you'd be afraid of the Japanese. I do understand, since the Japanese tend to put tentacles everywhere.

If you're suffering from photophobia, you could be mistaken for a vampire, especially if you tend to drink blood. Photophobia is an oversensitivity to light, so you'd have to live in a darkened room. If you wanted to go outside, sunglasses would be essential, just like with celebrities or people with hangovers.

Now there's an excuse for every man to avoid his mother-in-law! It's called pentheraphobia. Pentheraphobia is an exaggerated or irrational fear of mother-in-laws. Now boys, if you'd just get to know them . . . .

One of the most tormenting phobias is probably phronemophobia. Everyone has thoughts, constantly. If you try your best not to think, you at least think about not thinking. That is the fear of phronemophobiacs thinking.

One almost like it is ideophobia. As you perhaps guessed, it's the fear of ideas or thoughts.

Agonizing . . . don't you think?

Phobophobia is one I don't quite understand. It's a fear of developing a phobia. Sounds paradoxical to me! How can't you be anxious if you constantly have a fear of fearing?

What's weird about this phobia, is that it is specific to peanut butter, and peanut butter only. I wouldn't want it since arachibutyrophobiacs fear that peanut butter will stick to the roof of their mouths. Where ever did this fear come from?

I know there are many people who are afraid of bad news, and I'm one of them. Although I've never heard that anyone could be terrified by good news. “Heey, you just had a promotion!” “No! Go away!” That's euphobia for you.

You'd better be a nature lover if you're suffering from domatophobia. You'd get anxious every time you were near a house about getting stuck in one. If tents are included as houses, then I don't know where it would feel safe to sleep.

I feel bad for people who have severe phobias. I myself have arachnophobia, fear of spiders, but it's nothing compared to these. Thankfully, there are ways of treatment, if you're ready to face your fear.

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