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Sweet Sixteen

Autor: Langloo
Poziom: Średniozaawansowany

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Sweet Sixteen is an MTV program where kids from rich families throw birthday parties full of splendor. The whole preparation for the party takes a few days, during which the birthday kid gives out shiny invitations, chooses the most expensive clothes for the party and books a celebrity to make a short performance. Obviously, the list of guests is limited - only about 150 of the closest friends of the birthday kid can come. All the guests enter the ball room walking on a red carpet, and in the middle of the party parents give some fancy present for their beloved birthday baby - usually, it's a brand new Mercedes S class.

Such a birthday party was always a dream for me, an almost 16-year-old English girl brought up in a middle-class family in the suburbs of London. My parents earned well, but not well enough to give me such a sweet sixteen party. Well... at least I thought so. My mother often watched Sweet Sixteen with me and she knew how much I dreamed about such a party.

A week before my birthday, my mother decided that we should have a typically female day. She took me to the beautician, then to the hairdresser, and finally to a shopping mall. Although we had never had such a day before, I didn't suspect anything. Actually, the first time I thought my parents might have been preparing a surprise for me was when I overheard my father talking about my favorite singer to someone on the phone.

Anyway, on Friday, 14 August, the day of my birthday, I was to go to the movies with my two best friends, but, to my surprise, my mom told me not to go there, as they had other plans for that night. I was absolutely angry with my parents that on the day of my birthday they didn't let me do what I wanted. However, I could not change their decision so I stayed home and watched TV. In the evening, my mom told me to put my new dress on and get ready to leave in 30 minutes. Reluctantly, I did what she asked me for, and half an hour later we were driving somewhere. I asked my parents where we were going many times but they didn't want to tell me anything. That's what made me sure there must be a surprise. I didn't have to wait long to find out what it was - after 15 minutes, we pulled up at the red carpet in front of Equilibrium, which is my favorite club in London. When we entered the place, I saw all my friends screaming 'Surprise!' and 'Happy Birthday, Laura!' I could not say a word! I just hugged my parents and cried with joy! They gave me a sweet sixteen party - something I would have never expected and I will never forget. Although I didn't get a Mercedes, it was the best party I have ever had!


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