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The scandal of Tiger Woods

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As the golf icon Tiger Woods becomes engulfed by newer images and names, like Triple X, as well as giving new names to text messaging like sexting, the count of his mistresses keeps increasing day by day (and night). On the fateful day that his SUV went careening down his driveway, so did his reputation as a clean man, the golf club that his wife smashed into his vehicle window and his five-year-old marriage.


What started with stories about Hamptons party girl Rachel Uchitel in the tabloid National Enquirer grew as many more women added their voices to the forces joined against Tiger Woods. How much of this is really true only time (and Tiger Woods) can tell.


Rachel Uchitel has many feathers in her cap including being a well-known party girl, a club hostess and a reputation for engaging celebrities. Though her credibility is quite questionable, she surely was instrumental in causing history's most expensive car crash. Uchitel did deny the affair, saying the tabloids quoted reports by her friend Ashley Samson and not her. However, Uchitel was in Australia when Woods was winning the Australian Masters and both stayed at the same hotel; this surely is more than just coincidence. It is these reports that later on led Woods to speed out of his driveway (apparently chased by his wife with his golf club) in the wee hours of a Friday morning only to hit a fire hydrant first and then a tree right in front of his neighbour's house. Although blatantly denied by Uchitel, the “bombshell” has been linked, in her club activities, to many other celebrities including David Boreanaz.


Other paramours who added fuel to the fire were Jamie Jungers, Mindy Lawton, Con Rist, Holly Sampson, Kalika Moquin, Jaimee Grubbs, Devon James, and Woods' 22-year-old neighbour Raychel Coudriet. Some of them have openly claimed their part in the story while some seem to have been cooked up by the tabloids. While Tiger Woods may get treatment for his sex addiction, what recompense these women involved will receive remains unknown.


Sure, the tiger is the most powerful animal in the woods, but for Tiger Woods to be so powerful and meek at the same time comes as a great surprise. For Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods, being the most successful golfer in the world and the world's highest paid professional athlete with estimated earnings of $90.5 million from games and endorsements may have made him feel invincible and mindlessly powerful, but what is it that made these women hook up with him and then spill the details to the media if it was not for some cheap thrill? All these “affairs” may have been undercover, but surely his marriage to Swedish model Elin Nordegren and their two children were no mystery. Up until the National Enquirer decided to wreak havoc in Wood's life, he and his wife (since 2004) led a relatively media-free life.


Most of the women in Woods' life seem to have been from one profession – waitressing. The 26 year old buxom belle Jamie Jungers, a waitress and an aspiring model, met Woods at a Las Vegas party after which they hooked up and romped for 18 months. The 36 year old Mindy Lawton worked at Perkins Restaurant as waitress/manager and has alleged having had a one-year affair with Tiger. 24-year-old Jaimee Grubbs, also a cocktail waitress and a reality star, claims text and voice messages from Tiger authenticate her story of an affair that lasted 31 months. She even went on to provide Us a clipping of a message where Woods requested her to take her name out of the phone book as his wife may be calling her. While this does not really prove they had an affair and Grubbs claims to have more raunchy messages that she does not want to disclose, the question that comes to mind is: where were these women before the National Enquirer quoted Rachel Uchitel? These three have, themselves, admitted to their affairs; those of two other women, Cori Rist and Raychel Coudriet, are only found in the tabloids (especially the National Enquirer) and are only quoted by third-party sources. The other names involved with Tiger Woods, soft porn actress Holly Sampson and adult entertainer Devon James, do have questionable professions.


What's worse is it is not only the wife and family life of Tiger Woods that has been uprooted, so have his numerous million-dollar endorsements that made him so rich and his top-notch performance at golf tournaments that made him No. 1.


Shockingly, Steve Helling of People magazine reported in his book, titled Tiger, that many reporters and TV producers were quite aware of Woods' roving eye, philandering, and sexcapades but chose to keep it a secret to remain on his good side.

Woods' comeback


Amidst all this rough weather, Tiger Woods is all set to make a comeback. After having announced his rehab program and indefinite break from golf at the end of 2009, Tiger Woods returned to competitive golf at the 2010 Augusta Masters Tournament and has competed in a few other tournaments since. But whether his interests are limited to golf and family or the sexting and casual flings will continue remains to be seen.


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