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What do Americans really think about Brits?

Autor: Langloo
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While some Americans might feel that the British are an uppity lot with a stiff upper lip, most Yankees, as the Brits like to put it, are warming up to the cockney speaking, snappy dressers who may otherwise lead dull lives but hand them a beer and put on a football match on the telly and you will see a whole different side of them.

However, one can't say that the Americans have warmed up to the concept of football or soccer as they call it. The Yankees are still very happy with a milder and generally more civilized version of Rugby they call American Football. The Brits don't understand the point of playing rugby with so much protective gear on; after all, isn't it supposed to be a contact sport?

The Americans no doubt like to brag about how they saved English hides from the Germans in WWII. Actually it was the Australians who did that, but the English don't mind letting the American gloat just a bit. Most Americans believe that the English have a sexy accent. That should actually be accents because every street has got one. Americans generally share an amiable relationship with the English whether they are fighting together in Iraq or Afghanistan or enjoying beer in a pub. On their part, the Brits consider Americans to be their pals.

It is not unusual to find American tourists traveling to English shores to enjoy everything that good old England has to offer and most of them are surprised by the small size of the country yet the sheer amount of entertainment value and punch that it packs.

American women in general find English men posh and cute. Most of them have drooled over Hugh Grant from time to time particularly before the Divine Brown, Hollywood Blvd incident. And most Yankees went totally ga ga over the late Princess Diana. As a matter of fact, they did feel that the Windsors were being exceptionally mean to her while the men simply could not figure out why the future king of England had ditched his pretty wife for his hag of a mistress (now his wife of course). Charles's tampon episode evoked quite a few laughs from Americans and most people on this side could not understand how a wife cheater like Charles can be allowed to be the future King. But then again, the Brits thought that the Yanks went totally overboard with the Clinton-Lewinsky saga.

Then there are some Americans who believe that the English are totally snobbish but even these guys give them some credit for the Newfound Lands. After all the English had not been as mean as they were to the Puritan Father, the old chaps would have never dreamt about setting sail for New York.

Americans also view the concept and the institution of monarchy with novelty. Most cannot understand why people should be given the right to be addressed as his or her highness just because they were born in a particular family although their own achievements have little to do with their status in life. America which is a fiercely independent country has always believed in the moral of working hard for what you want and they see the English system of monarchy in stark contrast to this belief.

Americans are usually confused about the idea of several countries in one small country, so the concept of England, Wales, [Northern] Ireland and Scotland all part of the UK is quite confusing to them. Known for their poor geographical knowledge, the American also could not figure out how the English managed to be a maritime superpower and conquer so many territories the world over. Except for the Irish Americans, others generally assume that Ireland is simply a suburb of England and hence all Irish are also English. They also know nothing of the animosity between the two sides and could not understand why the Irish resorted to blasting a bomb or two ever so often in Belfast.

The penchant of American women for English men continues here again with several Scots and Irish actors deemed as American heartthrobs from Colin Farrell to Evan McGregor and many others. The Americans are still not particularly big fans of James Bond and although Daniel Craig in his very brief swimming trunks did get quite a few sighs, Bond flicks otherwise are simply spy tales from across the big ocean.

Most Americans concur on one point though that the English are far better than their long lost convict brethrens from down under. The Aussies are considered to be quite the opposite of the poised and soft spoken Brits.

Americans also find the typical BBC accent, which is called Received Pronunciation in England and is typical of people who have been through the British system of boarding schools, very upper class and soothing. As a matter of fact, many Americans also state that when they get the voice mail of a business recorded in the posh English accent, it automatically gives them the perception that the business is a reputable establishment.

All in all, Americans do not have overtly negative impressions or perceptions about the English so it's very common to see students and business people from these two countries mingling with each other without too much trouble.

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