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Why do men prefer blondes?

Autor: Langloo
Poziom: Średniozaawansowany

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As a man, I must say that blonde girls are attractive, no doubt, and they most certainly have the full package that a man so desperately wants. But most men, when thinking about a blonde girl, think about a beautiful goddess that will be able to fulfill all of their fantasies. This is the general paradigm that men live with and it’s mainly because of the porn industry. Having blondes with long hair and high heels doing this, sucking that, and licking delicious candy really gets the fire started in a man. It’s just something about their golden hair that makes them special anytime, anywhere. Just like Kenvelo.


Basically there are 2 types of men out there: those who will admit right away that they like blonde girls and those who will always say “no” for an answer. The ones who are denying they like blondes are usually lying just to seem different from other guys and be looked up to with respect. Well that’s an epic fail, my friend, for if a naked blonde were to sit in front of you, I think you would change your opinion pretty darn quick!


The object of attraction when it comes to blondes is their hair and their smooth skin. Goddesses throughout the history of humankind were portrayed as females with long, blonde hair who were curvaceous and were considered very sexy. And this is where the strangest thing happened. The fact that these women were goddesses caused men to make a weird connection between the divine power and the naughtiness; well, the sinful (to be more close to the terms of the time) behaviors they would engage in with such a woman. Basically there are two elements that are present here: the innocence of divine power and the act of lovemaking. That’s because men have always found women who are very good-looking to be even more attractive if they possess some innocence in their hearts. That small amount of bashfulness is what triggers some strange reactions in every man’s heart. That’s because the bashfulness hides a form of mystery and what’s a greater lure than a drop of mystery in a relationship? When you know everything about someone, things aren’t that interesting anymore, are they?


Most men I have asked in regard to their preference for blondes said that they love them because they are more open than other girls (in many ways). If you tell them to do something, they will do it. But hey, wait! If you tell them something, they will do it? Well I don’t buy that. Oh, yes, now I get it. Most men like them for all of the above reasons, but they also have another reason they like them for. It is a very popular belief that blondes aren’t that smart. This means you can easily convince one to be your girlfriend and also do everything you want with her. That’s very interesting to know. And this is a fact also. Most blonde girls are taking care of their looks more, rather than using their heads. Never mind that; let’s move on and find some other reasons for men’s preferences for this type of girl.


I should explain why I, personally, love these golden-haired beauties. One of the reasons is that I dated a blonde African-American girl a few years who I considered the most beautiful woman I had ever dated at that time. It was interesting to see the combination of golden hair with ebony skin, just a man’s perfect delight.


In conclusion, there’s certainly something that’s happening with men’s minds nowadays and it can’t really be brought to an end. After all, is there anyone out there who wouldn’t like to feel attracted to a hot girl from whom he might get a kiss?